Hello World

My name is Kevin Maarek. I am a software developer and a problem solver.

Born in Paris, France, I have graduated two degrees in Computer Science: a Higher Technician Certificate (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) in IT services and a Bachelor in Software Architecture.

I have always been fascinated by computers and very interested in new technologies, which is why my range of skills is quite wide: I work with mobile so as web technologies and I do front end so as back end.

My Skills

My Professional Experience

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Things I've done (sides projects)

Links and Contact

You can contact me by mail at, or via LinkedIn (EN) | LinkedIn (FR).

Also, you can see stuff I've done through my GitHub profile.

And here is my Twitter.

Other stuff you might like to know about me :

I play and teach the guitar.

Big fan of Rock'n'roll from the 50's.

I like skateboarding.

People generally say I'm a cool guy. And I agree with them.

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